Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread


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Atlas Mike’s Miracle Thread

Ever been frustrated by how easily bait, such as shrimp, can slip off a jighead? This is your answer! Use it to keep that bait on cast after cast! This clear, strong, and stretchy thread requires no knotting. Just wrap it around 8 or 10 times, give it a firm tug, do it again, and break it off. It’s that easy!  Miracle Thread holds holds bait firmly in place. It is thin, strong and not easily noticed by fish. Use with herring, sardine, prawn, shrimp, salmon roe, crayfish,and more. Comes with or without a dispenser. The convenient dispenser keeps it neat and clean in your tackle box and protects it from unwanted scents. Discover the many uses of Atlas Mike’s Miracle Thread!


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