Steelhead Accessories–Tip the odds in your favor with Atlas-Mike’s

Atlas Mike’s offers a large variety of trout, salmon and steelhead accessories all designed to help you win when you’re fishing.  Choose from a huge assortment of colorful yarns, nettings, threads, floaters…check out our complete listing and catch more fish!

Atlas Miracle Thread

Steelhead Accesories; 66830 Atlas-Mike's Miracle Thread With Dispenser ClearMiracle Thread is a favorite in our line of steelhead accessories.  Miracle Thread makes wrapping bait on lures and plugs quick and easy. Wrap Miracle Thread over bait to hold firmly in place, and then break off. That’s all – no knotting required. Miracle Thread is thin and strong, holding your bait in place without being noticed by fish. Use with herring, sardine, prawn, shrimp, salmon roe, crayfish, etc. Now also available in convenient dispenser…keeps thread neat and clean.


Atlas Magic Thread

Steelhead Accessories: 66026 Atlas-Mike's Magic Thread 2 Spools RedAtlas-Mike’s steelhead accessories like “MAGIC” Thread makes bait sac tying easier and faster.  Just three turns around the stem of the bait sac, pull tightly; three more turns and pull tightly again. That’s all. No knotting required.  Simple and effective. Also an excellent bait saver. Wrap around bait on hook or lures to hold bait on longer. (Shrimp, herring, sardine, salmon roe, crayfish, prawn, etc.) Now also available in convenient dispenser… keeps thread neat and clean. Colors: White, Orange, Pink, Red, Chartreuse.


Atlas Nylon Netting Rolls & Squares

55008 Atlas Spawn Net 3 x 16′ Roll – Peach

Super soft nylon netting. Atlas Spawn Net is great for making sacs of all types of bait; single eggs, clusters, liver or other forms of soft or cut bait. Bait stays on the hook better. Ideal for fast current fishing. Available in 2 different size rolls and precut squares. Colors: White, Orange, Pink, Red, Chartreuse, Blue. Rolls 16 feet long. Squares 50/Pack.


Atlas Bait Sac Floaters

Steelhead Accessories: 99008 Atlas Mike's Bait Sac Floaters AssortedAdd floaters to bait sacs to lift off the bottom away from weeds, rocks and other snags while floating bait sacs at fish feeding levels. Replace approximately 25% of bait with floaters. 300 per Bag


Atlas Bait Sac Ty'R Kit

Steelhead Accessories: 70000 Atlas Bait Sac Ty'r KitCatch more fish with bait sacs – Keeps bait on hook longer. Kit includes everything needed to tie spawn or other types of bait sacs. Sac tying machine, two rolls of super soft nylon netting, a spool of Magic Thread, bait sac floaters, along with easy-to-use instructions.


Atlas UV Glow Yarn
Steelhead Accessories: 77008 Atlas-Mike's UV Glow Yarn AssortedFat and Fluffy – 17 Brilliant Colors

Atlas UV Glow Yarn is a top choice among anglers tying flies and yarn eggs. Our unique fat and fluffy yarn makes great flies. With 17 colors to choose from, your fly options are endless. Whether you choose your favorite color or combination of colors, egg flies are very productive drift bait for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead. UV Glow Yarn can also be used as a color attractor or scent holder.  12 feet per bag


Atlas Plastic Eggs

Plastic EggsRealistic looking and feeling, Atlas Plastic Eggs are a long time favorite for salmon, steelhead and trout. Approximately 7mm in diameter these soft plastic eggs are tremendously effective. Try them for ice fishing – ideal for tipping spoons and jigs. Packed in a special anise scented formula.

20 grams per jar.


Atlas Sac Attack

41023 Atlas-Mike's Sac Attack OrangeSome anglers prefer Atlas Sac Attack plastic cluster eggs over the real thing! Perfect when drift fishing for steelhead, salmon or trout, Atlas Sac Attack plastic egg clusters are easy to use and highly effective. Simply push a single hook through the egg cluster and place your desired weight 18” to 24” up the line.


Atlas Dancing Eggs

Steelhead Accessories: 42027 Atlas-Mike's Dancing Egg Glitter ChartreuseImitation egg with a tail that creates a dancing action irresistible to steelhead, salmon, trout and walleye. Push single hook through body and place desired weight 18” to 24” up on the line. Excellent for drifting or casting, ideal for fast water conditions.


Atlas Yarn Eggs

Steelhead accessories: Yarn EggWithout a doubt, Atlas Yarn Egg flies catch a lot of trout, salmon and steelhead. Great egg imitation most effective when drift fishing. Especially during and just after spawning seasons.

Colors: Orange, Red, Pink, Assorted.


Atlas Bait Jar Holder
80000 Atlas Bait Holster

80000 Atlas Bait Holster

A must for all Trout anglers! Atlas-Mike’s Bait Holster makes fishing with salmon eggs or any jarred baits easier than ever. To use, simply remove lid from jar of bait then twist the jar up into the egg lug. Attach to your belt or pocket and you are ready to fish.



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