Real Salmon Eggs for Reel Success

Trout, salmon, and steelhead love salmon eggs, it is natural bait they recognize.  Atlas, Mike’s, and Siberian have eggs in every size, color and texture to cover all fishing conditions. For over 80 years we’ve been perfecting secret formulas that help both professionals and novices fill their stringer! Give them what they want, when they want it…Atlas-Mike’s!

Give them what they want, when they want it…Atlas-Mike’s!

Fact: Salmon Eggs are a natural food for trout and attract by sight, scent, taste and texture…simply irresistible!  New baits come and go but SALMON EGGS are still many trout anglers’ first choice.

Mike's Salmon Eggs

Tip: Trout are suckers for salmon eggs, but you can improve your success by matching your bait to the conditions.

Mike’s Salmon Eggs are the #1 selling salmon eggs for trout! No wonder; with several different, ultra-effective varieties, Mike’s Eggs drive trout to bite! Soft, yet durable so they hold up in streams and multiple casts. These jumbo-sized eggs get noticed and get the job done! Open up a jar of Mike’s Salmon Eggs and fill your stringer!

Salmon Eggs: MIke's Shrimp Salmon EggsMike’s Salmon Eggs come in different scents, textures, and UV.  There is a Mike’s combination perfect for every fishing condition!



Atlas Salmon Eggs

Salmon Eggs: Mr. TroutNaturally Effective, Consistently Productive

Salmon Eggs attract by sight, scent, taste and texture. Research shows trout will mouth, then drop, hard food yet gobble up soft textured foods. At Atlas-Mike’s we develop eggs to meet all your specific fishing needs. In fast current water, try Atlas Chinook and Oil Pack Eggs.  They are soft enough to attract fish and entice them to bite, but firm enough to stay on your hook. What about still water fishing in ponds or lakes?  Mr. Trout is the answer! Mr. Trout has been around for a long time! It is famous among anglers for that creamy center which gradually milks out into the water attracting trout from near and far.  Try our different scent and color combinations. Trout never grow tired of striking on Atlas Salmon Eggs!


Atlas Spawn Sacs

Salmon Eggs: 62065-Atlas spawn sacEasy-to-use and productive, Atlas Spawn Sacs use natural salmon eggs and take all the work out of spawn sac fishing.  Just open the jar, pull one out, put it on your hook and you’re in business!  Atlas Spawn Sacs stay on cast-after-cast.  They milk perfectly and are ideal for salmon, steelhead and big trout. Six spawn sacs per jar available in regular or floating.



Siberian Salmon Eggs

Salmmon eggs: UV SuperCatching Trout For 80 Years!

Trout have acute senses of smell and taste. They can detect natural egg scent from considerable distances. Since our bait eggs are all processed from natural fish roe, every salmon egg in our product line carries the natural scent trout can’t resist. To help tempt even the most reluctant trout, we’ve enhanced our eggs with scents like shrimp, cheese, corn, garlic, and nightcrawler. We offer a range of colors like orange, red, pink, and yellow.  There is a scent/color combination for every angler and every trout!


Atlas Cluster/Skein Eggs

Salmon eggs: Salmon roeAtlas Mike’s Salmon Roe

Premium natural salmon egg skeins are individually selected and hand packed. Secret process handed down over the years assures a soft, yet durable cluster. Needs no refrigeration… You’ll get more drifts and more fish!



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