Mike’s Brite & Tight Herring Formula – Green Chartreuse

Salmon Anglers have long known that brined herring holds up better than herring that have not been brined; especially frozen herring. Mike’s Brite & Tight makes brining herring as easy as unscrewing the cap, pouring the cure into a container or zip lock bag and soaking your herring overnight. what could be more simple? Not only does Mike’s Brite & Tight brine your herring so they last longer and are brighter so they attract salmon better, but they have taken it a step further by adding dye and scent to further improve the performance of your herring. Brite & Tight is UV enhanced which adds even greater visibility to your brined baits. Particularly in low light conditions, UV provides an important advantage that results in more fish! Mike’s Brite & Tight is not just for herring! Use it on shrimp, prawns, anchovies, minnows, crayfish, alewife and more! this easy, no-mix cure makes great prepared bait every time that will give you the edge professional anglers depend on in their business. Cure it Right, Use Brite & Tight!

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