Mike’s Glo Scent – Shrimp

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7006 Mike’s Glo Scent – Shrimp

7006 Mike’s Glo Scent – Shrimp: Time-tested and field-tested! Top choice among anglers and guides for over 35 years. Glo Scent makes all lures and baits more effective. Special blend of scents, flavors and amino acids stimulate fish to strike. Also masks out unwanted human odors and other fish repelling smells such as gasoline and plastics. Easy to use: apply directly to lures, live bait, cluster roe, flies, yarn, etc. Glo Scent can also be injected into baits or used to marinate baits, which has proven to be very effective. Concentrated special blends will entice fish to strike in fresh or saltwater.

Convenient 2 oz. flip-top bottle or 8 oz spray bottle