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Atlas-Mike’s Bait Company has been in the business of providing a range of quality baits, fish attractants, scents, oils and accessories for over 75 years.  We offer the time-tested and field-tested Atlas, Mike’s, Siberian and Zeke’s brands of fishing products, which fishermen all over the world have used with great success! 
Add one of our products to your tackle box, you will love them, fish do!

Why Use Salmon Eggs?

In the hands of a knowledgeable angler, there's no deadlier bait for trout than the single salmon egg. Salmon Eggs are a natural fish food. Trout and other feeding fish will follow spawning fish to gorge themselves on eggs left in nests or drifting current. Since trout will eat them even when spawning is not in process, salmon eggs are effective bait year round!


Salmon eggs attract by sight, scent, taste and texture. Research indicates trout will mouth, then drop, hard food, yeat gobble up soft texture foods. At Atlas-Mike's, we develop eggs to meet all your specific fishing needs; soft to attract, yet firm enough to stay on your hook in fast current water. Eggs designed for use in moving water tend to have firmer skins and centers so that they'll hold the hook better. Eggs most effective for still fishing have creamier centers which "milk" out of the egg to help attract trout from greater distances.


Trout have acute senses of smell and taste. They can detect natural egg scent from considerable distances. Since our bait eggs are all processed from natural fish roe, every egg in our product line carries the natural scent trout can't resist. To help tempt even the most reluctant trout we also offer scented eggs that include shrimp, cheese, corn, garlic, nightcrawler and anise.  We also have eggs available in a wide range of colors as a fish's preference for color may vary from day to day or from region to region.


When you match the right color and flavored egg to the fish, you will likely be the one that other anglers will be asking, "What are you using?"

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