Mike's Fusion Lunker Lotion


Fusion Lunker Lotion

Fusion Lunker Lotion is loaded with fish attracting ingredients such as REAL KRILL, AMINO ACIDS, SCENT, UV and more! We call it FUSION because these ingredients are fused together to create a powerful attractant that fish can’t resist. Because of its SUPER STICKY formula, it stays on your baits and lures longer . Even more, it attracts fish from greater distances with the added flash of UV! FUSION’s superior blend drives fish wild, producing more aggressive strikes and TRIGGERING A FEEDING FRENZY! Apply directly to any lure or bait to increase effectiveness. Fish in normal manner and reapply as needed. Attracts fish in freshwater or saltwater.  Available in 4 scents: anise, garlic, shrimp, or herring.  Fish see it…fish smell it…fish strike it!

4 oz. Flip Top Bottle


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