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I’ve had great luck this season fishing for Oregon spring salmon this season using your Brite & Tight Herring Formula. I’ve used several other local brands and have found yours to work great right out of the bottle with no doctoring at all. The herring are lasting a long time and look great in the water. Even though the run is not great this year, we’re doing well on my boat and I believe your brine plays a big role in that.
Morgan F.

I have used ONLY the Zeke’s Sierra Gold Trout Bait – Rainbow – normal scent…I didn’t want to beat my husband TOO badly!

Here is the scoreboard:

Tracey – Day 1 – 6   – Day 2 – 20 – Day 3 – 11    = 37

Paul –     Day 1 – 4   – Day 2 – 8  – Day 3 – 6      =  18

That’s the news that’s worth printing!

Tracey & Paul Smithee

Used Zeke’s Sierra gold shrimp flavoured for the 1st time today.

I landed a total of 4, 15 inch rainbows by the time I landed the 2nd one I shared the bait with a couple of buddies who caught 5 more between them.

Needless to say it worked great!

We went back to the campers for lunch and then went to the local store and we all restocked with multiple varieties!

Thanks for no sticky fingers!

Jeff Johanson

You guys nailed it with this product… So happy to be fishing with such great products and amazed how fast can you catch a fish with it… Marshmallows Trout Bait Orange Garlic… Product #32033 “Glitter Mallows.” The other day i caught two catfish… One of 2 lbs and the other one of 4 lbs… Really happy because everything time I use this mallows I get a fish bite and “Dinner” haha… Thank you ?
Fidel Perez

Trout fishing, pink garlic salmon eggs, and I caught mine on rainbow garlic float bait.
A. Hurl White

My nephew sent me this…I had given him the bottle in the photo, #6206. He told me he had been using frozen shrimp for perch but hard to keep on the hook so he took wax worms and dipped them in the Fusion Lunker Lotion. He smoked the other fishermen on the lake that were using minnows and said they bit as fast as he got his bait in the water- took his limit of jumbos in less than an hour!

John Lievense

I’d just like to say you have great products. I caught the monster below recently with an Atlas Mikes floating spawn sack. I also make my own sacks with your products when I have spawn. Did you have an instagram page? If not, you should start one up to help promote the business. I’d be willing to help as a side job if needed. I also noticed you did not have any facebook posts. I am located in Milwaukee, WI.   Have a great day!
Addam Gall

MY NAME IS MIKE I WON 2ND PLACE IN BURNOUT BASH FALL SALMON FISHING TOURNAMENT IN RACINE WI. I fish from a boat but the weather was bad and we decided to fish from shore and caught the biggest fish i caught in 10 years of fishing and i am getting it mounted thanks to your spawn sacs
Mike Kortendick

I am trying to find a local source for your Mike’s Extra Strength Anise Oil Glo Scent in the 2 oz. bottle.
We ran out of the product on a recent fishing trip, but feel it helped us with the fish we did catch…

Thanks again for a great product!

Randy and Vickie Walthall

I have been using Zeke’s Garlic float bait and other Zeke’s products for all of my life. Whenever I go fishing it is always right there with me. I have included a photo of the last time I used Zeke’s White Gold bait!
Dustin Jacobsen

I recently spent a week with my brother in-law Trout fishing in Telluride Colorado. Prior to leaving I went to my local Walmart in Phoenix AZ, to pick up some last minute tackle and some baits. While I was looking at the Power baits and trying to decide what to get, I saw Zeke’s Sierra Gold Cheese, and since it was less expensive I decided to try it.

We fished two different lakes in Colorado (Alta Lakes and Trout Lake) my brother in-law was fly fishing in a float tube and having no luck, once I threw my line out with Zeke’s on it; within 2 minutes I had my first Rainbow and each time I would cast my ultra-lite within just a few minutes I was bringing in another. Same thing at the other lake; he went out in a kayak with his fly’s and nothing all the while I was getting one after another from the shore. He came back in tries a few lures and talked to others fishing and nobody was having the success I was having.

Once my brother in-law switched over, he too was bringing them ashore one after the other.

In the 40+ years I have been fishing this was one of the best trips, I don’t recall ever catching so many trout as I did on this trip.

Just wanted to Thank Atlas-Mikes Bait for such a great product, you guys made my trip and I Thank you for such a great product.


Chuck Prince

I have caught 3 Rainbow Trout in the last month, they all came from your drift balls. The first one is 30 inches, the second one is 27 inches and the third one is 25 inches. And the last one I caught in the winter was 26 ½ inches. …thank you from Willow, Alaska!
W. B.