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I have used ONLY the Zeke’s Sierra Gold Trout Bait – Rainbow – normal scent…I didn’t want to beat my husband TOO badly!

Here is the scoreboard:

Tracey – Day 1 – 6 – Day 2 – 20 – Day 3 – 11 = 37

Paul – Day 1 – 4 – Day 2 – 8 – Day 3 – 6 = 18

That’s the news that’s worth printing!

Tracy & Paul Smithee

Used Zeke’s Sierra gold shrimp flavoured for the 1st time today.

I landed a total of 4, 15 inch rainbows by the time I landed the 2nd one I shared the bait with a couple of buddies who caught 5 more between them.

Needless to say it worked great!

We went back to the campers for lunch and then went to the local store and we all restocked with multiple varieties!

Thanks for no sticky fingers!

Jeff Johanson

I’ve had great luck this season fishing for Oregon spring salmon this season using your Brite & Tight Herring Formula. I’ve used several other local brands and have found yours to work great right out of the bottle with no doctoring at all. The herring are lasting a long time and look great in the water. Even though the run is not great this year, we’re doing well on my boat and I believe your brine plays a big role in that.

Morgan F.