Atlas-Mike's Brite & Tight Bait Brine


Brite & Tight Bait Brine

Brite & Tight Bait Brine infuses your baits with powerful amino acids that magnify the smell and flavor of your baits to trigger more strikes!  Preparing your fresh or frozen baits with our special formula Bait Brine is easy and effective! Excellent on herring, sardines, minnows, alewife, shrimp, prawns, chicken livers, etc…effective on all kinds of baits.  Our Brite & Tight Bait Brine preserves natural qualities and tightens bait scales.  It not only toughens your baits so they stay on the hook longer, it can also revitalize old or frozen baits.  Great cured baits every time, so cure it right with Atlas-Mike’s Bait Cures and catch more fish!

20 oz. Jar


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