Cure it right…use Atlas-Mike’s Bait Cures!

Curing eggs and bait is exceptionally simple with Atlas-Mike’s. Our Shake “N” Cure and Borax Cure powders are ready to use and have been long-time favorites. Since introducing Liquid Brite & Tight, it has quickly become a top seller and market leader! Mike’s Brite & Tight is a simple, one-step process that takes the guesswork out of curing baits. Our Bait Cures produce great baits every time…more strikes, more fish!

Mike's Brite & Tight Herring Formula

Bait Cures: Mike’s Brite & Tight HerringMike’s bait cures make brining simple! Salmon anglers have long known that brined herring holds up better than herring that have not been brined; especially frozen herring. Mike’s Brite & Tight makes brining herring as easy as unscrewing the cap, pouring the cure into a container or zip lock bag and soaking your herring overnight. What could be more simple? Not only does Mike’s Brite & Tight brine your herring so they last longer and are brighter so they attract salmon better, but they have taken it a step further by adding dye and scent to further improve the performance of your herring.

Brite & Tight is UV enhanced which adds even greater visibility to your brined baits. Particularly in low light conditions, UV provides an important advantage that results in more fish!

Mike’s Brite & Tight is not just for herring. Use our bait cures on shrimp, prawns, anchovies, minnows, crayfish, alewife and more!

This easy, no mix cure makes great prepared bait every time that will give you the edge professional anglers depend on in their businesses. Cure it right, use Brite & Tight! 

31 oz. bottle


Mike's Brite & Tight Cluster/Skein Formula

Bait Cures: Brite & Tight Cluster/Skein CureBrite & Tight Cluster/Skein Cure takes the guesswork out of curing eggs.  Now everyone can produce premium cured eggs without the hassle or worry associated with most powdered cures.  Easy-to-use, Brite & Tight produces cured skeins and clusters that look fantastic and work as well, and in many cases, better than most powdered cures that require multiple steps and painstaking care to achieve the same results.  It’s a one-step process and you’re done! 31 oz. bottle


Atlas Brite & Tight Spawn Sac Single Egg Formula

Bait Cures: Brite & Tight Single EggMike’s bait cures have already added the color, scent, and other attractants for you.  Similar to the Cluster/Skein Cure, the Brite & Tight Spawn Sac and Single Egg Formula is especially designed to produce professional results for single eggs.  The easy-to-use, one-step process takes the mystery out of producing exceptional eggs that catch salmon, steelhead and trout. Keeps cured eggs fresh for months! Brite & Tight rejuvenates old cured or frozen eggs or spawn sacs. 16 oz. bottle


Atlas Shake & Cure

12021 Atlas Shake N Cure - Natural

Cure your own salmon and steelhead eggs with our easy-to-use bait cure.  Our special recipe increases fish attracting scents and milking of clusters you cure. Atlas bait cures give you the advantage you’ve been looking for. Cured eggs can be kept in a refrigerator for months or up to a year if frozen. Cures approximately 15 pounds of eggs. Handy shaker top makes for easy application.

16 oz. Bottle


Atlas Borax Cures

Bait Cures: Atlas Mikes Borax CureCure your own salmon or steelhead eggs with our Special Borax Formula. Use Atlas bait cures to preserves natural fish attracting scents from fresh row. Cured eggs can be kept in a refrigerator for months or up to a year if frozen. Complete easy to use instructions on each container. Convenient Shaker Top for easy application.

12 oz. Bottle


Atlas-Mike's Brite & Tight Super Dye

19009 Brite & Tight Super Dye

Enhance the color and reflective qualities of your bait instantly. Atlas-Mike’s Brite & Tight Super Dye will spice up your natural bait with intense color that won’t easily wash off.  Super concentrated and available in four fish catching colors.

4 oz. flip-top bottle


Atlas-Mike's Brite & Tight Bait Brightener
19020 Atlas-Mike' Bait Brightener

4 oz. Bottle

UV enhanced Atlas-Mike’s Brite & Tight Bait Brightener adds intense shine to your fresh baits and helps rejuvenate old or frozen baits.


Atlas-Mike's Rock Salt

18132 Atlas-Mike's Rock Salt

Atlas-Mike’s Non-Iodized Rock Salt is effective with all types of baits.


Atlas-Mike's Sodium Sulfite
16132 Atlas-Mike's Sodium Sulfite

32 oz jar.

Atlas-Mike’s Sodium Sulfite – Technical Grade 99% Pure.  An excellent preservative for salmon, trout, or steelhead single eggs or egg skeins.


Atlas-Mike's Sodium Nitrite
17132 Atlas-Mike's Sodium Nitrite

32 oz. Jar

Atlas-Mike’s Sodium Nitrite – Anti-mold ingredient that works well in egg cures.


Atlas-Mike's Brite & Tight Bait Brine
18120 - Brite & Tight Bait Brine

18120 – Brite & Tight Bait Brine

Atlas-Mike’s Brite & Tight Bait Brine.  Infuse your baits with powerful amino acids that magnify the smell and flavor!



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