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  • Wonderful Endorsement
    J.D. Richey’s article in the August issue of Salmon Trout Steelheader shares what we’ve known from the beginning…Atlas-Mike’s Brite & Tight Cluster/Skein Formula is exceptionally effective! J.D’s a well known guide and...

  • A Lot To Talk About

    This past year we’ve made some important changes at Atlas-Mike’s. You’ll see it in our advertising, our website and in our new catalog. Our goal has always been to produce the very finest fishing baits, scents and fishing accessories...

  • Fall Fishing & Atlas-Mike’s

    Fall is arguably the very best time of year to get out and wet a line. Most fish species are either migrating to their natal streams or feeding heavily ahead of the winter chill. From coast-to-coast, east to west and north and south, there’s a...

Zeke’s is the original floating bait. So why Zeke’s floating trout bait? Simply put, Zeke’s just works better. Zeke’s special formulation holds on the hook, cast-after-cast, but more importantly, trout love it! There’s a reason Zeke’s has been around so long --- it works! Powerful scent and flavor attractors slowly release into the water stimulating trout to bite. Look for Zeke’s at tackle shops everywhere…proven season-after-season since 1962!

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