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Keep a variety of Atlas-Mikes products in your tackle box
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Trout, Salmon and Steelhead anglers have counted on Atlas-Mike’s for over 80 years. Our job is to help you fill your stringer. That is why we develop, test and market quality products that target these trophy fish. Family-owned and operated, Atlas-Mike’s uses tried and true, decades old formulas. The formulas have been proven over time to be the best at attracting fish and enticing them to strike! We started with salmon eggs but didn’t stop there. We now offer a complete selection including: Natural Salmon Eggs, Floating Trout Bait, Marshmallows, Scents and Attractants, Steelhead Accessories, and Cures and Brines

Quality Baits, Scents & Accessories For Over 80 Years

Real Salmon Eggs for Reel Success

1033BTrout, salmon, and steelhead love salmon eggs, it is natural bait they recognize.  Atlas, Mike’s, and Siberian have eggs in every size, color and texture to cover all fishing conditions. For over 80 years we’ve been perfecting secret formulas that help both professionals and novices fill their stringer! Give them what they want, when they want it…Atlas-Mike’s!

Give them what they want, when they want it…Atlas-Mike’s!

Fact: Salmon Eggs are a natural food for trout and attract by sight, scent, taste and texture…simply irresistible!  New baits come and go but SALMON EGGS are still many trout anglers’ first choice.



0915The original floating bait–Sierra Gold is a powerful combination of scents, amino acids, glitter and vibrant colors. The soft feel and elastic texture easily molds and holds to your hook. Won’t easily cast or wash off when fishing. The scent and flavor slowly release into the surrounding water to attract trout from near and far, stimulating fish to strike. Simply put…trout can’t resist Sierra Gold.



Stay In The Strike Zone With Mallows!

32031bAtlas and Mike’s Marshmallows are specially treated and scented to attract trout. They are easy to use and can be fished alone or in combination with other baits like salmon eggs or nightcrawlers. In addition to attracting trout, mallows float bait off the bottom away from weeds, rocks and other snags, holding bait at fish feeding levels. Large selection of popular color/scent combinations to choose from. Available in regular or with the added attraction of glitter. Both are proven winners with trout anglers!



6208BScent Makes all Lures and Baits more Effective

Salmon and steelhead attack Mike’s proven scent formulas without hesitation. These are the scents the pros rely on. Mike’s scents are state-of-the-art formulas that reflect decades of fine tuning and successful catches. Whether it’s Mike’s UV Super Scent, Mike’s Glo Scents, Mike’s Lunker Lotion or Mike’s Gel Scents, you can trust their effectiveness under all conditions. 35 years of research, and countless tournament wins from coast to coast are your assurance that Mike’s Scents are proven salmon and steelhead slayers.



Tip the odds in your favor with Atlas-Mike’s Accessories

Atlas Mike’s offers a large variety of trout, salmon and steelhead accessories all designed to help you win when you’re fishing.  Choose from a huge assortment of colorful yarns, nettings, threads, floaters…check out our complete listing and catch more fish!


Bait Cures from Atlas Mike'sCure it right…use Atlas-Mike’s

Curing eggs and bait is exceptionally simple with Atlas-Mike’s. Our Shake “N” Cure and Borax Cure powders are ready to use and have been long-time favorites. Since introducing Liquid Brite & Tight, it has quickly become a top seller and market leader! Mike’s Brite & Tight is a simple, one-step process that takes the guesswork out of curing baits. Produces great baits every time…more strikes, more fish!


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