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  • Wraps…Coming To A Fishery Near You!

    Here’s a twist that’s sure to land you more fish…more often! If you troll plugs you’ll catch more fish if you wrap them. Trout, salmon, walleye, bass…it works on any fish that will take a plug.

  • Mike’s Scents Grab Headlines
    The word is out from coast-to-coast, Mike’s scents work! Recent articles in Lake Ontario Outdoors and Salmon Trout Steelheader extol the benefits of Mike’s scent products in catching fish. Garlic scents have come on strong the past couple years...

  • The Year of the Salmon?

    2014 might be remembered for a lot of things and “salmon” is certainly one of them. From the Great Lakes to the West Coast and into Alaska, hoards of salmon are expected to show through the summer and fall of 2014...

You thought making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was easy...you should try Mike's Brite & Tight. Nothing's easier. Just open the bottle and pour it on your bait and you're done! Mike's Brite & Tight Cluster/Skein Formula is foolproof and perfectly cures eggs.

For brining herring, and other baits, like prawns, there's Mike's Brite & Tight 3-in-1 Herring Formula that’s a brine, dye and scent all in one! It's easy too...just pour it over your herring the night before, let it marinate and you're ready to go the next day
---it's just that easy!

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